You’re a writer. Words are your muse, your niche specialty, and what people conjure up when they think of you. But what happens when you face the common writer’s dilemma: writer’s block? Writer’s block is a real phenomenon, and equally difficult to conquer. There are real “causes” of writer’s block however, this will focus on remedies. I’ve found a few tips that help me find new inspiration in desperate times. Below are my top three tools for creative slowdowns and writer’s block.

Curing writer's block

Think Outside the [Writer’s] Block

Personally, I hate the term “think outside the box.” I find it to be a cliche sentiment meant to inspire people to use their creativity. Does anyone feel inspired by this? Who says we are all in a box anyway? I certainly don’t. However, our minds are incredibly powerful tools. Instead, try: think outside the block, meaning, think beyond your topic, message, or argument and just think about the purpose and the feeling you want to instill in the reader. Why is the message so important? What is it you want the reader to feel? Do you feel any fear and if so, how is it attached to this piece of work? How can you put that feeling into words? Write down whatever comes to mind as you think through these questions.

This process can help you move beyond the smaller details holding you back. Just sit for a moment and close your eyes, let your questions exist releasing any thoughts of perfection. Take time to ruminate on what you are uncovering. Then turn on your favorite music and let your mind go to a warm, relaxing place and release any tension around this block. Sometimes the mind needs a break. Then begin writing whatever comes to mind.

Throw Yourself a Feel Good Party

You know yourself better than anyone else, and you know what brings you joy.  Start with a smile. Research shows that it immediately has a positive impact. “Each time you smile, you throw a little feel-good party in your brain,” explains Ronald E. Riggio, PhD.,  Psychology Today author. So why not start with smiling as big as you can and feel those endorphins kick in to release the angst that comes with writer’s block. Ronald says, “the serotonin release brought on by your smile serves as a mood lifter.” Plus everyone looks better when they smile and we all know looking good = feeling good, so smile and work your way out of the block and into your very own upward spiral. 🙂

To Really Kick Writer’s Block to the Curb…Be Famous for a Day (Or Even an Hour)

“How does this help me?” You ask. Think about famous artists, writers, painters and others who have inspired the world. Pick your favorite ones and study them. Learn about how they thought or think, how they create and do their craft. This sounds strange, but I read a book about the daily routines of famous artists, quite literally called Daily Routines. This book was fascinating because the mundane details of the lives of these phenomenal creators filled the page and gave the reader insight into their habits, thinking patterns, pet peeves, etc. How interesting! You don’t need to read this book to do this. Just pick an artist you admire and do some digging. How did they find inspiration? How did they create? Start imitating your findings for a fun and new way to refresh your sense of self.
Kick writer’s block to the curb!

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