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Email campaigns are a powerful tool in the belt of a small business owner or entrepreneur. Emails are a concise method of communication that travel far and wide. However, there needs to be a strategy behind the campaign. If you go sending emails willy-nilly with no apparent purpose, readers will disengage and actively avoid future emails.

Turning your email campaign into a call for action does not have to be a strenuous task with a thoughtful plan. Google analytics will hold you accountable to that plan so take care in setting it up. Start with the planning:

Read the “Last Page” of Your Email Campaigns

Are you one of those people who reads the last page of a novel before beginning? Well, as much as I disagree with this practice, it’s applicable to email campaigns. Begin with the end in mind – what is your call to action and what does your reader get for taking that action? Back into your objective with this in mind. Are you launching a new product, a new company or simply advertising an event? Inspire action through verbs and descriptive words to generate excitement and gain higher engagement rates with better analytics! Score.

Elevator Pitch Your Email Campaigns

Your subject line will either entice an opening or not –  make it relevant to your reader with just enough info for the reader to gain an understanding of what to expect. You’ve heard of the term “elevator pitch,” the concise description of you/your business/your product in enough time that you could tell a stranger in one short elevator ride. Bring this idea to your subject line. What brilliant one-liner will inform your reader and pull them into the body of your email?

Click, Click, Click, and Post

Thank you, Ari, for the catchy song lyrics that also apply to email campaigns! Make sure your email content is shareable. In the age of social media, accessibility is vital. Set your social icons and let the sharing begin.

Be a Seamstress with Your Email Campaigns

Create interesting content. This is an obvious one, as we all want to be interesting, right? However, what we as content creators and business owners find interesting, others may not. Think about your audience and tailor your message to them. What are they getting out of it? How are you fulfilling their needs? They are your target and they are the ones you need to impress so they will not only engage with your content but be motivated to buy or interact with your business.

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