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*Drum roll* Here it is, everyone! The tips, tricks, and how to cure stomach pain.

Everyone deals with gastrointestinal issues. Whether it’s an uncommon affliction or happens every day, we all have our own ways of dealing with it. My last post featured the most common causes of stomach pain. This post is supposed to be about healing and how to combat those triggers. We have google, and we’ve seen doctors. We know the traditional remedies, and maybe we’ve tried the unconventional remedies. I know I have. I want to let everyone in on a little secret. There are some easy, quick fixes we can do in our own homes! Here are some of my favorites.

How to Cure Stomach Pain – Laying Down

It seems simple, right? I’ve noticed that any time I feel gastrointestinal discomfort a lot of my symptoms can be alleviated by lying horizontally, on my back. It sounds strange, but for me, it works. It eases nausea and bloating and those weird little noises I get in my throat./stomach that make me sound like a frog. They’re truly bizarre, I don’t even know how t describe them to you! And I’m a writer, I live for descriptions. Anyway, this is number one, and most important. 


Yes, you read that right. Bitters, an extremely bitter liquid commonly used in cocktails, can be a useful remedy for stomach problems. This is because they create more acid in the body to help break down food. I’m not prone to acid reflux, so if you are, I advise you to talk to a doctor or consult google before trying bitters for yourself. In my experience, they help decrease my bloating and recenter me so I don’t feel fuzzy or lightheaded. However, I refrain from taking them too often so I avoid getting used to them or relying on them too heavily. Too much of a good thing can still cause negative results. 


Remember when I first told you that stress can cause ALL of these issues, in addition to food? Well, meditation can greatly reduce stomach issues! Meditation is helpful because it calms the body! Oftentimes, stomach pain is caused by stress because the inside of the body is thrown into overdrive when stress threatens its security. Once again, I’m not a doctor or expert on these topics but I have found that the calmer my mind and mental/emotional state, the calmer my physical state. AKA, my stomach. Meditation can be a daunting and time-consuming process. However, the app Insight Timer is super quick and helpful! They offer guided meditations split up into specific categories with varying length. There’s something for everyone! The guides also help me stay on track and fully relax. Enjoy!

Positivity and Self Talk

One thing that will never help your issues under any circumstances is negativity. Believe me, I know. I used to get so angry that I would feel sick after eating a small bowl of raspberries. I would feel incompetent when I couldn’t focus on something at school or work because I was in too much pain to concentrate. That anger didn’t serve me and never will. One time, I was so uncomfortable and feeling very negative and sorry for myself. However, realizing that I was only making it worse, I opted for positivity.

As soon as I turned my attitude around I started feeling better. Who knows if it was real or in my mind. But that’s what positivity does! It changes your mindset which shifts your whole outlook on the situation. It may not always work, but it’s always better than nothing. The more I tell myself I’ll feel okay or I will be okay, the more I start to believe it. That’s the beauty of self-talk. When you repeat these sentiments in your mind they become ingrained there and you won’t have to consciously think about it anymore.

The same goes for negative self-talk. If you’re convinced something will turn out badly, odds are, it will. So ditch the negative self-talk! Speaking of self-talk and positivity, check out Shine texts! You can subscribe to a daily positive text message, whenever you want it, from the experts at Shine. There are inspirational quotes and often longer self and emotional health articles. It’s definitely something I look forward to in my day. Bottom line: opt for positive self-talk, because the more you tell yourself that something will work out well, the odds are, it will!


This is definitely not medical advice, but music is just good for the soul. If you’re feeling physically crappy, try some calming music! It could help you get into the right space to meditate. It could ease your mind and body. Music is a powerful thing. I swear by the magical effects of music to understand exactly where we are in our lives at any given moment. Maybe that’s because I’m a singer, but most people would agree that music is a lifeline. 

Kombucha, Apple Cider Vinegar

Don’t knock them until you try them! Some of these drinks can help. Kombucha is my favorite because it has live microbes in it. And it’s a little fizzy, which can settle a nauseous stomach. However, I have tried apple cider vinegar, which has helped here and there. It’s a personal preference, and I usually prefer to use apple cider vinegar in my hair (hello no poo trend!). 


I put this one last because it is my least used method. I do have my go-to supplements that keep my body balanced on a daily basis, but I can’t think of any that actually ease my pain instantaneously. However, one supplement that has helped others is charcoal. Charcoal is helpful because it targets toxins and is used to reduce gas and bloating. Charcoal is used for much more than this, though. Click here to read more benefits and uses of charcoal.  

I hope this list of hacks leads to a happy tummy, I know they have helped me in the past! What hacks help you have a happy stomach? Let me know in the comments below!

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