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¡Hasta pronto, Europa! You’re going on your next adventure and not quite sure what to pack. I understand, packing is hard! You have to consider the climate of your destination, how many outfits to bring, if you’ll be able to do laundry, and so much more. So, I’ve put together a European packing list (summer edition) for the indecisive traveler! 

I admit I’m very indecisive in all facets of my life and traveling is no exception. I spend way too much time thinking through each outfit and second guessing what I’ve chosen. Europeans are fashionable, classy, practical, and modest. That’s a lot of adjectives to assign your outfits for a ten+ day excursion. So, how do you pack for a trip to Europe? 

Creating a European Packing List

In this European packing list, summer edition, you’ll find all the essentials for outfits, accessories, and must-haves. Let’s get started!

Creating a European packing list from scratch is a challenge. There are so many items to remember. Do you have an adaptor for your phone charger or hair tools? Do you want to bring shampoo and conditioner? Are you checking a bag or taking a carry on? What activities do you plan to do? Ask yourself these questions before making your list.

As I mentioned above, this European packing list is for the summer only. You can leave the winer boots, heavy sweaters, and insulated jackets behind. 

Packing List Research

What does summer in Europe look like? Do your research. Summer in European countries varies. Quite often, the climate is very hot with ranging degrees of humidity. The sun is more intense and you will walk A LOT more than you currently do. Southern Europe will be more hot than Northern Europe, Northern Europe will get cooler at night, etc. Know where you’re going and what to expect from mother nature. For summer, you’ll want comfortable, breathable clothes. Think dresses, skirts, and blousy shirts. Long pants are a must as well as something to cover your shoulders for museums or cathedrals. Remember, Europeans have a more modest style than you may be used to if you’re an American. Your clothes can easily identify you as a tourist if you aren’t appropriately dressed for certain sites.

You can still wear shorts and tank tops if you desire! It’s important to research your destination to ensure you’re not breaking any social rules, unspoken or otherwise. Many museums or cathedrals require knees and shoulders to be covered if you’re a woman. I also recommend bringing sweaters or long sleeves for when the sun goes down. The nights can get chilly. 

Planning & Organizing

Assess your wardrobe for clothes for clothing combinations that will provide variation and flexibility. You want outfits that are interchangeable and coordinate together. Bringing outfits you can mix and match will give you options, especially if something gets lost, dirty, or stolen. Be prepared for anything when you’re on the go. 

In the research section above, you learned what the climate will be where you’re going and what attractions you plan to visit. This will be helpful as you coordinate your outfits. You’ve selected your clothes, you have variety without overpacking, and you are ready for the next step!

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Accessories & Toiletries

This part is very important! Accessories are key to making your adventure as comfortable as you can when you’re out of your comfort zone. I suggest buying mini containers for liquids you want to bring with you. I like to bring shampoo (I don’t use conditioner, see why in this post), face lotion, and perfume. If you want to cut down on liquids, check out The Earthling Co! They make earth-friendly shampoo and conditioner bars that are easy to pack in your carry on. 

You can also buy mini toothbrushes, toothpastes, brushes, perfumes, and lotions. Not only is this a requirement by TSA for liquids, it’ll save you a lot of space! Another amazing space saver is packing cubes. Packing cubes are pouches/cloth containers of varying sizes to help you organize your suitcase. They also fit really well in a suitcase, so you’ll be able to get that lid closed and the zipper zipped. 

All About Adaptors

Adaptors are a must-have. You will need an adaptor if you are leaving the United States. You can buy adaptors online and they will specify which countries they work for. Oftentimes, an adaptor will function for a region where they use the same voltage and plugins. For example, I have one adaptor that works throughout Europe, and one that works in the Middle East. 

You’ll need an adaptor to charge your phone and use anything else with a cord, such as hot tools. Be cautious when using hot tools for the first time with an adaptor, as the voltage is different and can ruin your tools if you aren’t careful. Usually the voltage is higher in Europe than the United States.

Phew! We made it through all of the essentials for a European packing list. I didn’t mention every single item you may want or need, but you can download the full European packing list as a PDF by entering your email into the box above. 

Did you like this post? Stay tuned for a winter packing list. Leave a comment to let me know which country or region you’d prefer next!

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