The influence of storytelling began as an oral tradition. It has since evolved into the written tradition, going back centuries to the Sumerian Cuneiform, which is also the beginning of civilization. It has always been a method for sharing values which are still critical today. However, the storytelling tools have evolved and knowing how to use them is critical to success for any business.


Storytelling and it’s Influences

Fast forward several centuries to contemporary storytelling. The influence of the digital world has been a disruptor for the creative world of writing. Visuals and short written pieces are now the common vehicle for the flow of information, sharing ideas, and connecting people. Attention spans have decreased from the days of oral storytelling. The tools of SnapChat, Twitter, Facebook etc. now motivate us to visit a website or buy a product, the effort of big business. Elegant writing from the past can now seem a rarity and weigh heavily on the writer’s heart. However, writing still remains an art form, which evokes emotion for both writer and reader and is a modern-day critical skill in high demand. Don’t lose heart writers, as your talent is still a prized possession.

Understanding the Platforms

Understanding which platform to use for what can be confusing. Continuous learning is required of any writer who wants to stay abreast the changing landscape of content creation and delivery. Storytelling has become immersive with short snippets and photos of storytelling and is much more intimate than in the past. A communication strategy requires a good knowledge of modern-day storytelling and familiarity with the best methods and delivery tools available. Not every tool should be used for content delivery. One must know and understand the strategy behind the tool and what fits best for the situation.

Putting Meaning to Your Message

The language of storytelling has dramatically changed since the days of oral tradition, yet the personal connection is increasingly important today. Cementing your digital literacy and sophistication with said personal connection is key to making sure there is meaning behind the message. 

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