Have you ever wondered what the secret is for clean hair that looks and feels healthier? Have you read articles and posts describing how to fight greasy hair, yet, you still can’t seem to get it quite right? Some women appear to wake up with clean tresses that don’t need any shampoo. I’ll let you in on a little secret, that’s not the case. There are many ways to maintain clean hair for longer, we just don’t talk about them. So, here are my tried and true methods for healthy and clean hair.

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#1 – The Obvious One – Dry Shampoo

You’ve heard this more than once, and it’s all over social media. However, have you ever tried spraying dry shampoo at night? It works best for me when my hair isn’t fully greasy. Your body produces oil throughout the night so you need dry shampoo to absorb these nasty oils. You’ll wake up with beautiful clean tresses you so desire. That’s the first step. 

I recommend spraying more dry shampoo in the morning to combat any grease accumulated overnight for clean and fresh hair. Now, your hair won’t get greasy throughout the day, when you’re on the go. 

It’s very important to apply dry shampoo into clean hair with clean hands. Your fingers can be greasy and dirty. When rubbing dry shampoo into your hair, all of that dirt will be absorbed by your strands, so make sure to wash those hands. 

Look for dry shampoo that doesn’t just coat your hair, but removes excess oil, sweat, grease, and odor. Keep the grease away instead of covering it. Speaking of sweat, it’s pointless to use dry shampoo after exercising or getting sweaty. Spray your hair ahead of time. Now you have fresh and clean looking hair.

P.S. I swear by Drop Dead Gorgeous Dry Shampoo, check it out here

#2 – Don’t Touch Your Clean Hair

Sometimes I find myself mindlessly playing with my hair throughout the day. This requires hair to be washed more often. As I mentioned above, the oils and dirt on your fingers are absorbed into your hair. This adds to the oily appearance. 

Plan to be strategic with your hairstyles to keep the oil production to a minimum. When you wear your hair down, it will naturally absorb oils from your face and neck. Wearing your hair up for the day can work wonders for long lasting clean hair.

#3 – Detergent-Free Shampoo

Few people understand what a good shampoo really is. I’ve found it to be one of the most effective tips for me. I started using a new brand of shampoo, called New Wash by Hair Story, which is natural and sustainable. Be kind to the earth and your hair!

New wash doesn’t use detergent, which is the most common ingredient found in almost every shampoo. Detergents strip the natural oils from your hair, causing damage and ramping up oil production. New wash is transparent about the ingredients in their shampoo beyond the legal requirement. Most brands don’t tell you disclose every ingredient so you don’t know what may be harming your hair. They aren’t legally required to list all ingredients.

Hair Story uses mostly essential oils in their shampoo, which pull dirt and oil from hair without stripping the good oils. These oils keep your hair looking healthy and shiny. You also won’t need a conditioner because the essential oils in New Wash condition and detangle your hair, it’s truly amazing. 

If you have made it this far on the post, thank you! Here’s your reward – an extra tip! 

My Last Tip for Clean Hair

Sleep with your hair up! Do you wake up feeling a little oily or crusty from last night’s rest? Well, if you do produce more oil at night like I do, chances are your hair does too. Keeping your hair away from your face and your skin will help it stay less greasy throughout the night, and it feels nice to have it off your face! Pro tip: Clean pillowcases are a must for this!

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Peace and love Xxx

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